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National Treasures

Happy New Year!  It has been two years since my last post and that is two years too long.  We’ve been on a few vacations over the last couple of years as a family and have had a blast visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth!  This is a very small selection of the pictures taken in 2013 & 2014.  Most of the pictures are taken in national parks with a few state parks mixed in.  I am constantly amazed at the beautiful creations all around us.  I hope that you are able to visit the national parks at some point in your lifetime, for they truly are national treasures!
Bryce Canyon - Panorama Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon Tree Canyon Overlook Panorama Zion Canyon Weeping Rock Scout Falls Globemallow in Capitol Reef NP Johnson Orchard in Fruita Capitol Reef Pictographs Capitol Reef Panorama Agate Cove Heceta Head Lighthouse Yaquina Head Lighthouse Oceanside Sunset Crater Lake & Wizard Island Crater Lake - Eastside Dry Creek Woods Redwood Floor Gnarled Redwood Redwood Heights


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