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A Second Look at Oregon

We liked Oregon so much, I did another post about it.  Everyone has to revisit their happy place once in awhile.  These pictures are a mix of both of our trips to Oregon.  The 24th of July is on average the hottest day of the year where I live here in Utah.  Now would be a great time to be in Oregon.  I have 14 pictures in this post.  If anyone reading this blog has read the book, The Hobbit, you’ll know that the number 14 has special significance.  The number 13 was bad luck, so they needed one more person on their journey to get to 14, so they could have good luck.  Enough of my ramblings, enjoy the pictures!


2 comments on “A Second Look at Oregon

  1. Wendy & Larry
    September 22, 2012

    Finally checked out the blog. Great photos!! Really made us want to go to Oregon again too!

  2. rosalie muir
    December 11, 2012

    love the pictures

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